Dave Krieger has been a photographer, writer, director, artist, scout and producer in Detroit and New York with numerous local and national clients. Please feel free to call or email.
The books, "Things I do in Detroit, A Guidebook to the Coolest Places, by the Nain Rouge." and "Things People Say About Detroit, A Collection of Quotes as told to the Nain Rouge." are available at these stores in Detroit; City Bird, Pure Detroit, Detroit Mercantile, MOCAD, and Detroit Artist Market or go to the website below to purchase books, swag or learn about the NR.
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Dave Krieger
285 East Palmer
Detroit, MI 48202
T: 313-655-0777

 I have been a location scout / manager, producer, and photographer for over thirty years working in Detroit, LA, Paris and NYC. I have scouted, location managed, and produced assignments for many productions, commercials and independents.

 I have produced commercial advertising for over 25 years and have recently produced movies starring Eric Roberts, in Fractured, David Arquette, in Orion; the critically acclaimed, Cash Only, which the NY Times called “the new Mean Streets", production supervised the Detroit scenes for "Don't Breath",  and a documentary on predatory lending, Loan America.

 I have experience in Budgeting, Casting, Location Research and Scouting, Permits and Contracts, Vehicle and Equipment Rentals, Crew Booking, and Travel Coordination.

 Please check my references on IMDB and my website to see the breadth of my experience, everyone I have worked with has been overwhelmingly satisfied with my work.

 I am a member of Teamsters 337, for locations, and the DGA, as a Production Manager.

 My photography work is in the collection of the Detroit Institute of Arts. Portraits include Andy Warhol, Jim Carrol and Ozzy Osborne among others. I have directed music videos by such artists as dark red, Thee Kaprinans, Thief, Thornetta Davis and the Blackman and Amy Gore and her Valentines.

 In addition to the list below, I started, art directed, and photographed Model D and Metromode,webzines on Detroit and its environs building a library of over 100,000 images.

 I recently wrote and photographed a book, “Things I do in Detroit by The Nain Rouge”, a collection of the greatest places in Detroit.

 The website is

A list of production credits follows.

 Producer Experience-

 2017 – producer – Brandon Maxwell fashion shoot

 2016 – producer – Men's Health fashion shoot

2016 – producer – Goethe Hell – short

2015 – local producer – W Magazine – Jamie Hawksworth, photographer

2015- local producer – Neiman Marcus – Walter Chin, photographer

2015 – local producer – James May’s Cars of the People – BBC

2015 – UPM – Ovid, A Love Story

2015 – associate producer / line producer and UPM – A Royal Thanksgiving, TV One

2015 – associate producer / line producer and UPM – A Royal Christmas, TV One

2015 – production supervisor – Don't Breath, Sony

2014 – UPM – Age of Ice

2014 – producer – Crossing 8 Mile, Mosaic Youth Theatre, full length DVD

2013 – producer – Shinola commercials, director, Bruce Weber

2013 – assoc. producer / line producer / UPM – Cash Only, Ele Bardha and Nick Skrelli, producers

2013 – production manager – Gentleman, music video

2013 – producer– Hastings Street, Mosaic Youth Theatre, full length DVD

2012 – producer– 20 years of Mosaic Youth Theatre, full length DVD

2012 – producer / UPM– Loan America, a documentary on predatory loans

2012 – UPM – Orion, starring David Arquette, directed by Asiel Norton

2012 – co producer / line producer / UPM – Fractured, starring Eric Roberts, director, Lance Kawas

2012 – producer– So You Can Dance? Mosaic Youth Theatre, full length DVD and 5 minute short

2012 – local producer – Bank of America, 3 short documentaries of Detroit

2012 – local producer – Rumer, “PF Sloan” video

2011 – producer – Chevrolet Impala Catalog – Goodby, Silverstein and Partners

2008 – local producer - Men's Vogue Magazine shoot on Michael Phelps, the Olympic swimmer.

2008 – local producer - Vogue Magazine shoot for Annie Liebovitz.

2007 – local producer - W Magazine, Bruce Weber with Kate Moss.

2007 – produced and location managed - Ford Edge commercials and still photography in NYC and Detroit.

1985 - present - scouted and produced still photographs for myriad of editorial shoots including the NY Times Magazine, Detour, Men's Health, Mademoiselle, Marie Claire and ESPN and local magazines.

Location and Scouting Experience-

2016 - location scout - White Boy Rick 

2016 – location manager – Untitled Detroit Project, Kathryn Bigelow

2016 – location manager - Dodge Charger, The Work

2016 – location manager – Chevrolet, Former Co

2016 – location manager – Ford, The Work

2016 – location manager – ADT, Doner

2016 – location manager – OnStar

2016 – location manager – Buick

2016 – location scout – Gucci

2016 – location scout – Harwood

2016 – ALM – Transformers 5

2016 – location scout – Bagman

2016 – location scout – The Strain

2015 – location manager – Ovid, A Love Story

2015 – location manager – James May’s Cars of the People – BBC

2015 – location manager – A Royal Thanksgiving, TV One

2015 – location manager – A Royal Christmas, TV One

2015 – location manager – Don't Breath, Sony

2015 – location manager – Total Health Care TV commercials

2014 – location manager – Inevitable, producer, Jennifer Champaigne

2014 – location manager – DTE Energy commercial

2014 – location manager – Chevrolet, director, Matt Cantu

2014 – location manager – Eloise

2014 – location manager – Chevrolet, director, Matt Cantu

2014 – location manager – Age of Ice

2013-14 – location manager – Superman vs Batman, Warner Bros.

2013 – location manager – Cash Only, producer, Ele Bardha

2012 – location manager – Golden Shoes, director, Lance Kawas

2012 – location manager – Fractured, director, Lance Kawas

2012 – location manager – Dodge Dart, Biscuit Productions

2012 – location manager – Chevrolet, director, Matt Cantu

2012 – location manager – Apparations

2011 - location scout – Low Rising Sun, Picture Group, TV pilot

2011 - location scout – Revolution, Warner Bros., TV pilot

2011 – location manager – Bill Cosby documentary, 5 Floors LLC

2011 – location scout – Sparkle

2011 - location scout – Have a Lil’ Faith, Mitch Albom

2011- location manager – Ides of March, producer / director, George Clooney

2010 – location manager – This Must Be The Place, starring Sean Penn, producer, Ron Bozman

2010- location consultant – Detroit Lives, starring Johnny Knoxville, Vice Magazine

2010 – location manager – Street Kings 2, producer, Todd King

2010 – location manager, Restitution, producer, Mark Mathis

2010 – location scout, The Double

2010- location consultant- Detroit 187, producer, Pat McKee

2010 – location scout, K11

2009 - location manager, The Irishman, starring Ray Stevenson, Christopher Walken, director, Jonathon Hensleigh

2009 – location manager, Apocalypse Man, BristolTV-History Channel

2009 – location manager, Highland Park, director, Andrew Meieran

2009 – location scout, White Boy Rick

2009- location scout, Crypto, director, Adam Prince

2009- location scout, Foreclosure, director, Richard Ledes

2009 – location scout, Death Benefits, producer, Mark Mathis

2009 – location scout, Domino Effect, producer Jack Binder

2009- location manager, Something in the Dark, Lifetime

2008 - location manager, "All's Faire in Love", starring Christina Ricci, Ann Margaret and Cedric the Entertainer

2008 - asst. location manager, Gifted Hands, TNT / Sony Pictures TV

2008 – location scout, Prayers for Bobby, Lifetime, starring Sigourney Weaver

2008 – location scout, Armored, starring Jamie Foxx; producers, Ken Halsband, John Goldwyn

2008 – location scout, Law Abiding Citizen, starring Gerard Butler and Catherine Zeta-Jones,

2008 – location scout, Red Sonja, starring Rose McGowan, director, Robert Rodrieguez

2008 – location scout for XO6, Relativity Media, producer, Ken Halsband


Bill Doyle, production supervisor, Warner Bros.

Pat McKee, producer, “Detroit 187”, ABC

Jonathan Hensleigh, director, “Kill The Irishman”

Mark Mathis, producer, “Death Benefits”, “Restitution”

Chris Pannizon, producer, “Highland Park”

Todd King, producer, “Street Kings: Motor City”

Chris Fisher, director, “Street Kings: Motor City”

Ron Bozman, Haley Sweet, producers, “This Must Be The Place”

Michael Jackson, Coast to Coast Productions


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